Virtual tours of Skyline Condominium Showflat which features Zen-Style interior Design

Masterpiece by a Master Architect
Designed by Fumihiko Maki, of Maki and Associates Tokyo, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner. Amongst his award-winning works are Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Hillside Terrace Complex in Tokyo and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

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Living Room
Loft living room concept


Singapore CBD Skyline Sunset

Singapore Architecture
Singapore CBD Skyline Sunset

Photo of Singapore CBD area from Esplanade Pathway. This is a very popular vantage point, due to the wide pathway with nothing in between except the sea, and a common tourist attraction area with ocassional sea breeze and music in the background from Esplanade outdoor area.

In the foreground, there is the Merlion, Fullerton hotel and Esplanade Bridge.

Some of the buildings in the background are Marina bay financial center, The Sail @ Marina Bay, NTUC income, HSBC, One Raffles Place, Maybank, OCBC, Singtel building and Capitaland.

Weather was not too bad, but would have been better, It was greyish throughout, noticeable esp at the top right hand corner. At one point of time, it was starting to rain.

Took a multiple exposure consisting of 5 shots, enfused and edited in Lightroom.
Verticals was fine, the horizontal slightly tricky with the esplanade bridge cutting into the frame slightly tilted up on the right. However once the lights came on around 7pm and with the reflections on the water, it balance up nicely.

Another panoramic shot from the same location

Singapore CBD Skyline Panoramic
Singapore CBD Skyline Panoramic

5 shots stitched up together, each shot consists of 7 exposure. (Total 35 shots) This shot was taken right after the previous photo, changed tripod normal tripod ball head to nodal ninja 3 for specialised panoramic shooting.

If you used normal tripod head, you are not rotating around the nodal point (centre point) of the camera and lens combination. Taking into consideration the distance between subject and the camera, you should not encounter much problem for this shot.

However do take note, as the subject gets closer to the camera, you will encounter more problems during post processing (e.x. stitching errors, scaling and cropping of photo) if you are not shooting around the nodal point, thus you will need a specialised panoramic tripod head for serious panoramic shooting.

My recommendation will be the nodal ninja series, as it is one of the cheapest and lightest panoramic head available – good for people who want to start panoramic.
It has also some high end series for precise professional shooting.

The sky was getting too dark for my liking, even for this shot, right after this shot, i packed up and have my late dinner at esplanade.