Dining Area & Kitchen by YongHao Photography

Interior Photography: Beautiful Industrial/Minimalism themed HDB in Chinatown

Located in the heart of chinatown, this newly renovated 3 rooms HDB unit ooze beauty & simplicity.

Definitely one of my personal favourite of the year.

This modern minimalism/industrial with a touch of rustic styled home is not the kind of normal 3-rooms HDB that you see everywhere else in Singapore.

Right from the entrance, you will know this is not your typical 3-room HDB unit, the metal gate was hacked away, leaving just the wooden door, like what you would find in condo units, we simply love the idea of hanging the unit numbers on the top, it is creative and visually appealing. On the right of the photo, there is the shoes cabinet, which other than the storage space provided, acts as a partition and ensure that your privacy space will not be invaded.

3 rooms HDB in the older days was built in a very simple way, and privacy was one of its biggest flaws, one whole stretch of corridor and every unit except the corner unit, will have their living room and one of the bedroom facing the corridor, people walking past can see very clearly what is going on. Most HDB nowadays only has the main door facing the corridor which make more sense.

Main Entrance Interior Design by YongHao Photography
Main Entrance Interior Design by YongHao Photography
As you walk pass the partition into the unit, the first thing you will realise is the space, if you have seen other 3 room HDB unit. The wall in between the kitchen and living room has been hacked away and the dining table is able to fit in nicely in the middle.

Dining Area & Kitchen by YongHao Photography
Left(My Fav Shot of the day): Dining Area, RIght: Wall between kitchen and living room hacked away and now occupied by the dining table.
Kitchen by YongHao Photography
Kitchen(Well planned lighting)
Kitchen by YongHao Photography
Kitchen – Simple & Elegant
Kitchen by YongHao Photography
Left: Rinse & Shine(Hong Kong came into my mind when i visualise this photo), Right: Love the warm lighting surrounding the kitchen top
Dining Living Area by YongHao Photography
Dining Living Area
Living room by YongHao Photography
Living room: The dyson appliances hanging on the wall and the grey sofa gives it an industrial look and the modern chic colour speakers & tv console balance it really well
Close up of tv console by YongHao Photography
Close up of tv console: the L-shaped lighting is very well executed
Living room by YongHao Photography
Left: Bookshelf with little touches, Right: living with a glimpse of the entrance area

A Photo speaks a thousand words, and we hope you have enjoy our tour of this beautiful home taken by YongHao Photography.

ID by: Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd
Tel: 6285 1817
Their website is in the midst of a makeover.

*Interior Photography assignment done in august 2012*

YongHao Photography